Selasa, 14 April 2009

Strategi Menolak : Cermin Dinamika Etnik Minangkabau

Oleh : Dra. Hetti Waluati Triana, M.Pd

The research aimed to discuss linguistic aspects and social process that is reflected through “act of refusal” of Minangkabau’s ethnic. The research employed sosiopragmatics paradigm with covered ethnography of communication and pragmatic approach. In collecting the data, the researcher did observation, interview, and ethnopragmatic technigues. The data are will be analyze by qualitative and quantitative method. The research found that the act of refusal is not only categorized as linguistic activity, but also as social activity completed with values ang norms. Therefore, refusal is reflected through various strategies. By using the basic assumption in most theories of culture change, social dynamics of Minangkabau ethnics can be formulated.

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